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Restructuring and Transformation Strategic Assessment

The Greenbriar Partners Transformation Assessment represents a High Impact, High Value Strategic Assessment of the Opportunities for Technology Enabled Transformation in any client.


Our Assessment represents an opportunity to engage with clients to deliver significant value in terms of pain point and benefits identification, a strategic improvement road-map, and economic justification.


The ERP Assessment is a short term and non-intrusive undertaking (typically takes ~6-10+/- weeks to complete with a limited time or capital investment, depending on functional and geographic scope.  


Typically the assessment sets up significant improvement pull through in terms of:

  • Process Optimization Initiatives;

  • P&L and Balance Sheet Rationalization Opportunities;

  • ERP Implementation and Optimization Programs;

  • Digital Enhancements such as IA/RPA/Cloud/IoT; and

  • Leveraged Operating Model and Outsourcing Opportunities

The Greenbriar Partners team is very willing to invest with our Partners and Prospects in qualifying and pursuing these opportunities.

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