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Business Case Development

The Restructuring and Transformation program must make economic sense.  There will be investments to be made and benefits to realize in order to ensure there is a positive ROI.  

As the Strategic Assessment is completed  we typically focus on the following to ensure a return is achieved:


  • Focus on the “Big Rock” opportunities;

  • Plan Against Demonstrated Benchmarks;

  • P&L and Balance Sheet Impacts are both Critical;

  • Quick Wins help justify as well as fund the program;

  • Timing of Benefits Realization must be realistic;

  • There are typically multiple scenarios that can and will make sense, we evaluate all logical scenarios; and 

  • Validate with Stakeholders to ensure alignment, acceptance and to get some "skin in the game".

Our Comprehensive Business Case Framework and Deliverables and our Value Realization Approach  incorporates these key attributed into the business case development and the expected outcomes.

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